Video [2007] - 18 min. - stereo - Loop

In Girlfriend So Purple Springer|Parker create an experience of audiovisual persistence that manifests like a memory.

The musical frame is based on a melody of three basic guitar chords, played repeatedly. While the score starts to fragment and vaporize over time, it transforms to a new and independent theme. Although the melody dissolves more and more it is persistent and stays like an after-image, accompanying the images, portraits of girls and women, very slowly faded in and out of perceptibility, only to a state where they are barely visible, leaving the viewer in a state, where he can't be sure if he actually sees an image or only imagines it.

Memories always arise from the present. And they begin to fade and to change over time. The selected photographs come from various times and sources, thus Girlfriend So Purple is not a subjective approach to memories and remembrances. It does not solve riddles or decode personal stories, but represents a shared memory that more or less affects all of us, intuitively.

The color purple developed a variety of symbolic meanings over history and cultures. It was worn, painted and sung about. There are all the different shades of it, its subnames and visual definitions, but in the end, purple may turn out to be just a shade of color, somewhere between red and blue.

VIDEO EXCERPT 01 [2:28 min. - MP4]

VIDEO EXCERPT 02 [1:52 min. - MP4]