A live collage by means of the artistic transformation of sounds and images into a poetic equivalent of memories

During their explorations, SpringerParker collect fragments of sound and image and they will create collages of these in the live performances, so that they put together their own definition of the emergence, perception, and memory of a geographical region – the landscape of the Finnmark in North Norway.

Audio/visual motifs are used playfully, they come to the surface and disappear again, they cross over and pass through each other, creating a permanent flow. The chains of associations that are triggered on various levels float like lose ends in space and time, and the intermingling of optical and acoustic signals provokes a never-ending series of shifts in the frames of reference. With their permanent balancing act between activated and virtual segments of reality, SpringerParker‘s live performances pursue their own inner logic, which is most akin to musical improvisation. The viewer experiences a medial structure, within which an experimental linking of the disparate parts leads to new sections of space and time, instead of reproducing the old familiar patterns, and thus also a new perspective on landscape. The seemingly familiar turns surprisingly into something strange, into which then something we think we know suddenly interjects, only itself to transform quickly into something unknown, into a poetic and pictorial equivalent of memory.

The starting point is image material on transparent film, which has been recorded on location as photographs and frottages. Like playing a musical instrument, these are then collaged live on a glass table illuminated from above, while a camera records the images from below. The artists visually manipulate and project live the image signals that are produced, using custom-developed software.

The artists record natural sounds in the landscapes of the Finnmark using special microphones. For the sound, the artists have developed an omnidirectional sound system that works like the soundbox of a musical instrument, so that the notes will be transmitted into space from various points, while the audience wanders around.

Performance setup at the MARTa Museum Herford, Germany

Some screenshots from the live collages